You made me love myself, then completely hate myself.

You said you were not what I wanted, when I was the one who didn’t meet your expectations

You said you wanted to be with me, but you threw me away like I was nothing.

A love so premature and aborted so quickly solely for the fear of the unknown.

The things I was willing to do..all of my feelings..desires…hopes….all dead by my idiot hands.

I can’t help to feel if I actually meant something to you, this wouldn’t be the end of us. Nothing could ever come between how I feel about you…and the fact that it was never mutual is killing me inside.

I was doing so good. Depression has long left my mind….but at about 4 am last night it really all just hit me like a big ton of bricks.

Since 4 am, I’ve been a hollow empty shell of a man..the only person who could make me feel better feels like she’s not good enough for me or for happiness or that she even wants’s tearing me up every second…

Maybe it’s my fault for falling In love to easy..

All I know is I’ll never be ok without you and I’m dying more by the second.

Since 4 am..I’ve felt pain..again